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Razzh'a is a Minecraft Adventure map featuring a massively spanning universe with a complex lore. The Adventure is set on the planet Cræftia and is based on the religion of Razzh'a. The map's main mechanic focuses on the player to make his way through the world by exploring, completing quests, fighting monsters and discovering secrets of all kind. The lore is set around The Seven Gods and will lead the players from place to place by offering different challenges to master.

Aside the normal storyline based on the usual quests and exploring the many locations of Cræftia, there are many secrets, dungeons and hidden puzzles to discover for those who take the time and have patience.

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The AdventureEdit

Razzh'a is a vanilla Minecraft adventure map set in the fantasy world of Cræftia. It is possible to play it both single- and multiplayer. The player will start his adventure in the town of Razz'tokh, and may eventually end up in villages such as Ioka and Habaland or larger cities like Illyrium.


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